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"Gain immediate results. Surround yourself with positive people. Cash in on your strengths. Dr. Doris' book is fun to read & immensely useful. Use it like a Bible for building your confidence & escalating your success & happiness!"
Bill Uhl, winner of five gold medals for the U.S.

"No matter what you do for a living, Joy on the Job is jam packed with brilliant strategies for your happiness at work. Read this book now!"
Dr. Pat, The Dr. Pat Show, Seattle, WA

"Are you stressed? Read Joy on the Job right now. You'll gain new tools that will immediately make you more successful & productive. You'll gain work-life balance. You'll have fun at work!"
Bobby Ellis, CEO, People In the Know

”This book is addictive. You'll read it from cover to cover, again and again. I guarantee you'll smile more often when you're working."
Kelley Sinclair, Medical Aid Technician, Chicago, IL

"You'll love this book. You gain essential tips you must have, whether you work from home or in a corporation. Light up your soul & achieve your life purpose."
Rebbekah White, Heal Yourself Talk Radio 
and Heal Yourself Magazine

"So many talented people are starved for happiness at work. Dr. Doris shares proven ways you can create work that feeds your soul while padding your pocketbook."
Michael Port, Bestselling Author, Book Yourself Solid

"This is The Bible of Workplace Happiness! So much in one volume!"
William Richards, Managing Director, Royal Bounty, International

"Dr. Doris provides an immense amount of information. Her work is essential for your success and happiness."
Paul Bruno, Career Czar Radio

"Thank to Doris, this will be my most successful year ever. Thank you!"
Helen Georgaklis, Financial Planner & Entrepreneur

"I built my dream job by working with Doris!"
Betty Lacker, Johnson & Johnson
Joy on the Job is "The Bible of Happiness at Work." You'll gain hundreds of proven, easy-to-implement ways you'll immediately use to create more fun and fulfillment.

  • Shield yourself from negativity when you're working.
  • Make more money, much more easily.
  • Discover how to transform tedious work into "play."
  • Dramatically improve every business & personal relationship.
  • Your productivity will skyrocket.
  • Enjoy a solid support network.
  • Hear more positive feedback about your work.
  • Easily get your needs met.
  • Feel energized at the end of each work day.
  • Say goodbye to job stress.
  • Say hello to happiness at work.

"Dr. Doris Helge has discovered the three simple 
secrets of happiness at work."
Book Review,             
Aquarius Magazine             

No matter how you earn a living, 
you spend over half your waking hours working. 
You should be having fun when you work. If not,
something's wrong. You can change this situation 
more quickly and easily 
than you ever dreamed possible!
Doris Helge, Ph.D., is also author of #1 Bestselling Book Transforming Pain Into Power  --  Making the Most of Your Emotions.

Her books have been published in many foreign languages. Interviewers on "The Today Show", CNN and NPR proclaimed Dr. Doris "The #1 Expert on Happiness at Work." She is a Licensed, Master Certified Coach and has helped thousands of people like you gain the joy, success, confidence and rewarding relationships you want. Her clients call her "The Joy & Success Coach" because she has a unique intuitive ability to perceive the hidden core of what’s blocking your success and happiness. She was named "One of the Top Ten Coaches" at an
event in the FedEx offices in Manhattan, New York.

Ruchira Agrawal is a Personal Development Coach. She works with Individuals to help them find their Right Career as well as with aspiring small business owners to get set up. Her clients are located all over the world.

If your Career and Business has you overwhelmed and you are looking for guidance, perhaps a little steering so you can find clarity and a sense of direction, please feel free to take advantage of this offer. Everyone associated with this book launch is welcome.

Learn what the Hopi and Edgar Cayce had to say about how good people will be magically protected during the coming earth changes.

Hunt Henion: PhD in Religious Studies, Ex-Buddhist, Ex-clergy. Presently the "National Practical Spirituality Examiner" for paper, The Examiner.

3 HypnoBrainwave Repatterning     Audios
- for you to thrive beyond limits now! - 

(“Self Healing” + “Optimal Performance” + “Abundance”)
(Value = $450)

Learn how you can have your own
Personalized WholeSelf Reharmonizing Audios!
Tailored to you – to overcome your blocks, to achieve your goals, your dreams!
Compliments of:  FULLIVING™ Coaching & Malcolm Dayton, LPC, CPC

Ruchira Agrawal
50% Off 1 hour Business/Career Session ($100/- Value)
Malcolm Dayton,  LPC, CPC
Thrive Beyond Limits Now! Audios
Hunt Henion
Magical Mechanisms of the World Revealed, Chapter of the Best-Selling book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing
Learn the shamanic way to create success in ways never imagined that you can apply NOW by tapping into the wisdom of other worlds and dimensions. Learn unique and powerful techniques to create quantum leaps! Find the secrets to create your prosperity, discover how you are stuck and how to change it, and recognize how clients, or those in relationships with you will find value in what you do!

Dani is heralded as the trainer of Dream Weaving, Dani has the unique ability to guide others to make their quantum leaps into success. Over the past 10 years, she has taught hundreds to break free of their struggle with scarcity. She is certified a Master Shaman and has studied extensively throughout Peru and the USA for the past 20 years.

Dani Burling
Step Beyond Stress into Success – Listen to my free MP3
Sherry Gaba
Enrich Your Life Series: Eliminating Negative Beliefs
Astara Teal Summers
Expand With Love~ A Guide to Recognizing Love in the Midst of Change
Sallie Felton
If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Get Rid of the Clutter -  7 Great Tools to Help You!
Barry Maher
No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool
Chaney Weiner
Breakthrough to Achieve 5 Lesson Training Course 
Anisa Aven
Vibration Elevation Formula
Dr. Tianna Conte
Complimentary 30-Day Energy Balance Service 
Pam Lawhorne
Ruchira Agrawal
Discover your Authentic Right Career and Create a Fulfilling Life
Gemeem Davis
Chapter from book, Make Life Work
Maureen "MGM"  G. Mulvaney
The Science of Getting Rich EBook
Judy Lavine, Medical Intuitive
How to Heal Your Biggest Problem
Dr. Anna Maria Prezio
Powrer and Prosperity  through Feng Shui & Color

Let’s face it; everyone has clutter to some degree or another! It’s how you deal with the clutter that makes the difference between conquering your clutter and allowing your clutter to conquer you. In this practical guide, author and life coach Sallie Felton, walks you through the practical steps and organizational strategies that make it easy to stay organized;but this book goes deeper and uncovers the hidden reasons why it can be so hard to get clutter free and stay that way.

7 Great tools to help you get organized!

No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool is a modern day classic, which has been translated around the world, a whole new way of selling, geared for anyone who ever needs to sell anything to anyone,. As  Selling Power magazine, wrote, “To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business.”

Beside being at least one of the very best sales trainers in the business, author Barry Maher speaks, writes and consults on leadership, management and communications. An amazingly motivational keynote speaker and workshop leader, he can be reached through his 
website at

Join the movement, Choose the Win/Win & experience Abundance flow right into your life...NOW!  Grab your copy of Make Life Work TODAY!

In Make Life Work, Gemeem shows you how to... 
•Master the Great Conversation between the inner you (your soul) and the outer you (the hear and now you), so you can get out of wanting and into having the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

•Create a solid foundation for your business based on what you have to give... so you can make a greater contribution to the world.
•Incorporate new habits into your life to “set” your law of attraction point on abundance so that what you want resonates and effortlessly flows to you.
Life equals You. The innermost part of you. Work, refers not to your job, but to the required power, energy and effort it takes to move something from one place to another. To Make Life Work is to allow the inner You to release the power, energy and effort needed to move you from where you are to where You want to be.

A practical, step-by-step prosperity program Filled with timeless wisdom. Written in 1910…A Classic! The Science of Getting Rich is a brilliant 90-year-old manuscript. The Science of Getting Rich applies equally to all WOMEN and Men. Introduction by Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM, Author of THE WOMEN’S MILLIONAIRE CLUB 

 How cool  would it be if you could become free from your “old issues” ~ the ones that you feel  hold  you back from becoming happy? And thus, set you “free” you be YOU ~    the best YOU … that deep in you heart … you know you can be?
Put your name into the box on my website and this gift will be automatically downloaded to your email.

 Judy is a medical intuitive, healer, and shaman with over 30 years of teaching disciplines such as: Clinical Hypnosis, NLP (Trainer of Trainers), Oriental Medicine, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, Dowsing, Feng Shui,  Laser Technology, and more. Known as “healer to the 
healers,” this “medicine woman” incorporates these disciplines, as well as nutritional, 
herbal, homeopathic, and “made-to-order” remedies in her international practice and 
Experience a complimentary 30 day service (Value $150.00) that effortlessly balances your energy field and subtly reduces stress...making all things possible with ease and grace. Dr. Tianna Conte is a unique blend of mystic and scientist. Her childhood mystical roots led to a career that has spanned over 25 years as a trained Naturopath, Ordained Interfaith Minster and initiated Shaman. Her passion is in integrating ancient healing wisdom and cutting edge technologies in energy mastery. 

This special e-book provides you with a personal map for matching your power color to enhance different parts of your house, your body and your mind. Do you know what your personal power color is?  Do you know what color during meditation can kill of disease?  Do you know what color can release stress or relieve pain? Color can open new possibilities whether they are related to your business or your personal life.  Don't ignore the power of color and its associations.  Color affects us in a profound way. Feng Shui and color has power and endless possibilities to create wealth, health and happiness 
in our lives. 

Sherry Gaba is a  Life Coach and Psychotherapist on Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, and Celebrity Rehab's Sex Addiction with Dr. Drew on VH1  specializing in individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy and maintains a private practice in Agoura, CA With over fifteen years of experience as a clinician, and a graduate of USC specializing in addictions, eating disorders, parenting, single parenting, divorce, and life coaching, she is currently serving as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.. Sherry Gaba, has presented at National conferences and to general audiences on numerous topics. Sherry Gaba is a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist. Her treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. She incorporates a blend of conventional and alternatives approaches, drawing upon a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client. With sensitivity 
and compassion, she works with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and 
achieve life goals. She can be reached at or www.thelawofsobriety.
com or This eBook will show you how to determine what beliefs are 
holding you back & how to take back control of your beliefs. Changing the negative into positive 
to experience immediate results. Learn To Live Your Best Life Now!
Expand with Love holds simple yet powerful information that helps us remember love is ever present. It is within our power to open to the flow of love. It is the flow of love that will bring us through the trials and tribulations of life with grace and clarity.

It is my hope that “Expand with Love” will bring you greater clarity and strength as the changes in life accelerate. We are living during a time of tremendous growth on many levels. All of us are being called in one way or another to be strong, loving and true. We are being called to embrace our personal power and walk the path of our destiny. For this to happen we must break free from all the traps that have appeared  to be reality. We are being called to rise
up, stand tall and Expand with Love.

After surviving a tragic motorcycle accident at the tender age of eighteen, Astara embarked on an inward journey that would define the rest of her life. the process of healing her 
physical, mental and emotional bodies became the teachings of Conscious Mastery. 
She has assisted people of all ages rediscovery their personal power, talents and joy. 
Thomas S. Ciraulo, MS, CL
 The Simple Truth to Achieving Optimum Health" also available my FREE 140 plus page Cancer Report
Darren L. Johnson
127 Amazing Quotes For Letting Go and Simplifying Your Life
  Reading and Learning from Tom Ciraulo's Book and (FREE) Cancer,140 plus page, Report May Be Beneficial To Your Health Regardless of Your Current Health Condition. This statement is made because of the information you will learn, such as:  The prime cause of cancer; As stated by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner-Scientifically documented. What ingredient in common foods that you and your kids consume everyday that helps cancer grow.-Scientifically documented.

Which foods help reduce your risk of cancer and that improving your immune system and obtaining optimum health is not as hard as you might think. Even if you had or currently have cancer. Which simple exercises can help your cells stay cleaner and therefore help in reducing or eliminating pain and cancer-Based on Scientific Research. Natural and effective approaches to Pain Management, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and More.

Thomas S. Ciraulo, MS, CL is a Certified Lymphologist, Nutrition/Wellness Coach, Educator and Author who specializes in the educating of those individuals who are willing to learn and implement a nutrition/wellness 
program. He is a noted speaker and lecturer and has been a featured guest and interviewed by many radio 
stations across the country including Montel Williams on his Montel Across America Program.  His program
is a highly effective complementary medicine program that is primarily holistic in nature, but it is driven by logic and supported by medical science. He became a Certified Lymphologist through the International Academy of Lymphology and holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Healing.  Tom is a Board Certified 
Holistic Health Practitioner and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  
127 Amazing Quotes For Letting Go and Simplifying Your Life

Ruchira Agrawal is a Personal Development Coach. She works with Individuals to help them find their Right Career as well as with aspiring small business owners to get set up. Her clients are located all over the world.

If your Career and Business has you overwhelmed and you are looking for guidance, perhaps a little steering so you can find clarity and a sense of direction, please feel free to take advantage of this offer. Everyone associated with this book launch is welcome.

Free chapter, discount one on one 45 minute telephone coaching  session, in regard to my book
Little Bit of Knowledge offers something for everyone. As you read this charming book, you will find yourself saying “That’s me. That’s my family. How did she know?” Driven by the author’s stories and encouraging suggestions, you will be eager to look at yourself, your life, and make efforts to move forward in a positive, goal oriented direction.

In our twenties and thirties we had all the answers.
In our forties and fifties we searched for the answers. 
In our sixties and seventies, we realize we don’t need all the answers.

Joan Pressman lives in Atlanta, GA. A proud mother of two, she retired from Weight Watchers 
of Greater Atlanta, where she served as Vice President of Training and Class Room Operations. She is certified 
in NLP™ and actively volunteers with Sandy Springs Police and Breman Jewish Heritage and 
Holocaust Museum. Joan is available for workshops and consultations.
Joan Pressman
Chapter of A Little bit of Knowledge Couldn't Hurt
IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN! This free bilateral soundtrack will unleash and unblock your creativity (and expand your consciousness) like nothing else you've ever experienced! 

Ignite the Genius Within by Dr. Christine Ranck and Christopher Lee Nutter (Penguin Books) is a revolutionary audio/visual instrument that provides an experience of heightened self-awareness never before delivered in a book.

Dr. Christine Ranck
Free Bilateral Soundtrack for Creativity
Cari Murphy
Your Bonus Gift Package from Cari includes: 14 Days to Create Lasting Change in Your Life Ebook  & Heavenly Inspiration to Nourish and Empower Your Soul Ebook, and Mindset Teleclass Mp3. Value $499
Therese Benedict
#1 Best-Selling Author & Clairvoyant -An Excerpt from: Days Go By, Not Love

Susan Bagyura
 Ebook of The Visionary Leader: How To Inspire Success From The Top Down
 40 Quick and Ease-y Transformation Tips for Women. This ebook provides practical and inspirational guidance from 40 women who have lived lots of life, struggled at times and who are now thriving and enjoying each day and all that comes with it. Their tips will help you do the same.

Our Network is founded upon the belief that Women are powerful creators, passionate and compassionate leaders, and the heart and backbone of our world's businesses, homes and communities. Our Mission is to empower women to find their inner wisdom, follow their passion and live rich authentic lives. Join us for business, personal and spiritual growth.

Sue Urda
40 Transformation Tips for Women
Discover how to experience the transforming fire of Unconditional Love that heals emotional wounds, dispels fear, comforts, fills and satisfies the deep longing of the soul from the inside out...
Multiple Line Textbox 2 Alicia Isaacs writes practical life-changing inspirational thoughts, insights, steps and tips gleaned from personal experience and observation. She shares profound spiritual wisdom in very simplistic but thought-provoking terms. Her article, Creating Miracles – the Process, was featured in the Black Star News.

Alicia Isaacs
The Power of Unconditional Love
Dr. Eric Kaplan
Free Article:  Controlled Emotion, Focused Energy and the Power of Persistence Lead to Success

When I discuss success strategies with my patients, many of my favorite analogies are 
drawn from the game of golf. This sport is one of the best metaphors I know of for 
successful living because it contains all of the elements required for setting, tending and 
reaching one's goals. 

I've learned that the excitement of the game comes not from getting the ball in the hole, 
but from the challenge of reducing the number of strokes it takes to achieve that triumph 
(ingrained goal setting). Life without goals is like a golf green without a flag, or a hole 
without a par.

 Linda Barnett-Johnson is a virtual assistant to authors, pro:viding many marketing programs.  She creates beautiful book trailer to help you market your books. She is offering a 20% discount on any book trailer she creates. This offer is a $30-50 value and is good through March 2012.

Dr. Walter Jacobson
FREE CHAPTER on Self-Loathing & Self-Sabotage from my book Forgive to Win!
Most of us don't get what we want in our lives because we sabotage ourselves: We procrastinate. We resist. We don't follow through. We don't do the things that we know are in our best interests. The end result is a life of unfulfillment and disappointment. It doesn't have to be that way. When we eliminate the guilt, shame, and self-loathing deeply-embedded in our unconscious mind which generate our self-destructive, self-defeating behaviors, our world changes for the better: We start attracting people and circumstances that cooperate with our goals and propel us towards the manifestation of all our hopes and dreams. The way to eliminate our guilt, shame, and self-loathing is to esteem ourselves and forgive ourselves. The way to esteem ourselves and forgive ourselves is to esteem and forgive others. Forgive To Win!'s Forgiveness Diet is a structured program that teaches us how to do this. It's 
not complicated. And it works! By consistently practicing a daily regimen of thoughts, 
actions and exercises devoted to accepting, forgiving and being of service to others, 
our self-esteem increases, our self-sabotaging behaviors decrease, and we 
experience greater opportunities and more positive outcomes in all realms of our lives.

Dina Proctor is a motivational coach, inspirational speaker, and author of the upcoming book "Madly Chasing Peace: From Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day." Dina's personal journey through depression and addiction to freedom and true happiness inspires others to discover their true power. Her 9 minute per day meditation technique is powerful and simple, practical and easy for anyone who is thirsty for real change in their lives to practice. 

Peggy McColl interviews Dina about her personal journey, her book, and her 9 minute 
per day meditation technique (3 minutes, 3 times per day). This technique can be used for weight loss, interacting with difficult people, self-healing, or anything you want for your 
life. Dina leads listeners through a 3 minute guided healthy body meditation during the interview.

Dina Proctor
Peggy McColl interviews Dina Proctor, author  "Madly Chasing Peace" and creator of the 3x3 meditation method.
Linda Barnett-Johnson
20% Discount on Book Trailer Video
A Big Thank  You to Denise Cassino
for Coordinating this Launch
Dr. Joe Rubino
Acclaimed TV Video, Self-Esteem Mini-Course and Success Club Membership ($129 Value) from Dr. Joe Rubino, One of the World’s Foremost Experts on Self-Esteem Elevation
In this hard hitting, insightful hour long television interview, Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world's leading life optimization coaches and experts on self-esteem elevation answers questions that encompass the origins of low self-esteem, the emotional addictions that ruin people's lives, the keys to healing one's painful past, the best ways out of the downward spiral of damaging self-talk and destructive interpretations, the secrets to creating an empowering life plan, the antidote to resignation and self-sabotage, the access to designing an optimum life of no regrets that is marked by passion, purpose, fulfillment, abundance, rich relationships, and happiness and much, much more. Called by many, the most informative and interesting interview they have ever seen, this enlightening dialog will challenge you
to step into a whole new way of being that reflects your inherent magnificence.

This is the first chapter of her bestselling book BREAKAWAY, How I Survived Abuse..
Breakaway is the breathtaking and courageous story of one woman's survival of molestation, rape, repeated beatings, domestic violence, and other attempts on her life.
•  Nadia reveals hope, courage and inspiration!
•  A true story of personal freedom
•  Highly revealing memoir - dramatic details of more than 18 years of abuse.

Nadia's memoir Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse was released in September 2009 and It is a must read for women and young girls everywhere. BREAKAWAY lifts the veil on her struggle for freedom from abuse. Until her twenties, she was a victim of many abuses, including molestation, repeated beatings, rape, kidnapping, forced illegal abortion, and several 
attempts on her life. Miraculously, she survived. Through it all, she clung to her dream to be an actress. She never gave up. Today, she is finally living her dream after years of healing and forgiveness. She is free at last!  Download a FREE CHAPTER. 
Nadia Sahari
Chapter from Bestseller, Breakaway - Grandfather's Room
Now you can be a more effective Public Speaker with award-winning humorist and public speaking coach, Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogel e-course
Here’s what you will learn:

*How A Black Belt In Karate Can Help You Become an Accomplished Speaker
*Why You Don’t Want To Never, Ever, Memorize Your Speech
*Why You Absolutely Have To Have Control of Your Environment
*If You Want To Deliver A Dynamic Presentation
*How To Use The 6 W’s of Effective Journalism In Your Presentation For Optimal Results
*How Body Gestures Can Make or Break Your Speech

(PLUS a surprise BONUS worth $65)
Peter Fogel
"The Reinvention Guy"- 7 Days to More Effective Public Speaking
We are the husband and wife team behind the bestselling Soulful Journals series! We are thrilled that our journals have helped so many people, and we're thrilled to share this free gift with you!

From our best-selling Soulful Journals series comes The Manifestation Set—three interactive books (now available to you as one free ebook!) to guide you through three steps to creating your ideal life.

Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck
Free Manifestation Ebook Set
Elaine Lockard
Empowered Quotes Ebook: Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life!
Crystal Andrus
21 Day Create and Sustain Success Course
21 Day Create and Sustain Success Course

You won't want to miss this life transforming course from the founder of The SWAT Institute, Crystal Andrus. Learn how to "Create and Sustain Success" in every aspect of your life!

This 21 Day empowerment bonus gift is yours for free:  

Value $297

Get Denise's 8 keys to Your #1 Bestseller Audio Guide and learn the ins and outs of creating your own #1 Bestseller campaign.  You'll learn all the best ways to reach out to partners, how to use Amazon to your best advantage, why social networking is important and much, much more!
First Name:
Email Address:
Amazon Purchase #:

Dr. Doris Helge - 2 SPECIAL BONUSES!
Enjoy Deep Sleep Now & Conquer Your Inner Critic
Dr. Doris Helge is Your Joy & Success Coach
Kathi Casey - The Healthy Boomer Body Expert
Top Twelve Stress Busters

Kathi Casey, "The Healthy Boomer Body Expert" is a renowned health coach, columnist, has appeared on Fox 23, ABC-8 Evening News, produces her own TV show, “To Your Health.” and founded The Healthy Boomer Body Center in Massachusetts. Her newest book “STOP Back Pain” is an Amazon international best seller.

Twelve simple techniques that easily fit into your busy schedule, don’t cost a penny and take very little time - a must have in today’s fast paced world! Stress is inevitable, but you can easily choose a different reaction to stressful situations, finding some peace and calm in the storm.

Mark Harrison
Effortless Abundance - 30 Days to Change Your life
 Mark Harrison is a freelance writer and educator. He writes for a number of self-improvement websites and is the author of Thirty Days to Change Your Life and Sail with the Wind. His writing covers a wide range of self-improvement topics, but especially focuses on increasing productivity while reducing workload, and managing change.

If you’re struggling to experience the life you want to live, you can use exceptionally powerful, proven principles to change everything, faster than you ever thought possible.
This free eCourse course lays out for you, step by step, how to dramatically change your life for the better… in only 30-days.


No matter how many books you've read on personal growth; No matter how many audios you've listened to on achieving your dreams; No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you've paid to help you realize your goals; If you aren't using the ©Vibration Elevation Formulas then you're taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment  Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.

Anisa's willingness to be authentic and transparent as she shares her personal journey and formula for success has garnered legions of loyal fans.   Considered one of the world's top manifestation mentors and a law of attraction icon, Anisa makes complicated Conscious Success principles accessible and easy to use.  From her corporate position as CEO of a global, executive coaching firm with coaches on every continent, to her role as an author of dozens of Intentional Success programs to her cherished responsibility as wife and mother, Anisa's passion shines bright 
as she supports you in uniting your life's passion with your work, attracting your dreams and fulfilling your 

The Number ONE Obstacle that Interferes with Wealth Building more than anything else which very few people are aware of.*Why you are doing things you don’t want to do and how you can start doing the things you love most.
The #1 strategy you must have in order to make quantum leaps in your life that very few people follow.
How to overcome the 3 tricks your mind uses to keep you stuck so you can start attracting more of what you want.
Here are some of the tools and techniques you’ll receive: 
  • The main questions to ask so you can identify what is most important to you that help you attract 
  • what you want.
  • The important question to ask yourself that increases your level of deserving in any area 
  • of your life.
  •  A simple technique that shows you how to overcome mind chatter that keeps you stuck
  •  A list of positive self talk phrases to use and negative self talk phrases to avoid
• "The Focused Flow Technique" helps you achieve faster, better results
• Tasks you dread will become fascinating activities.
• "The Smart Work System"™ will allow you to create more time to do what you love.
• You'll discover the bliss of work that's consistent with Your Life Purpose.
• You'll cash in on your strengths.
• As your stress declines, your health will improve.
• You'll enjoy meaningful challenges that help you make more money.
 You'll have more fun working with other people.
• You'll enjoy a pleasurable state of focus and flow all day long.

    You'll enjoy your life much, much more!
Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life! 
Through the enclosed information in this ebook and its pearls of wisdom, 
Empower Your Life in the areas of Perspective, Forgiveness, Leadership, Happiness and Success!
Empowered Quotes Ebook

Elaine Lockard is a Spiritual Business Mentor, Strategic Consultant, Certified Coach, Healer, Author and Natural Intuitive. She always knew she was to be a teacher and healer because it came naturally to her and people would always seek her out for validation, acknowledgment and comfort. She also found that she had a gift of finding, absorbing and/or accessing information which helped others as well as herself. Through many years of training and experience in business and spiritual matters, she now helps heart-centered business leaders more fully connect and communicate 
with the power of their higher self. This allows them to be more innovative, resourceful, 
dedicated and extend their reach and gifts to more people, affecting the quality of life and 
financial independence for others as well as themselves. For more information on Elaine 
and her work and to schedule a free informational conversation, 
go to

Dr. Doris Helge interviewed employees and managers in 21 organizations to discover the secrets of happiness at work. The strategies you will discover in Joy on the Job emerged from this research. These methods were then re-proven to be effective by Joy on the Job Seminar participants. They responded with rave reviews. Here's an example.

"Can Doris understand and identify with your unique challenges? You be the judge. I first met Doris after she gave a keynote address for a national conference for occupational health personnel. A spontaneous after-hours event made me decide to become a Joy on the Job Seminar participant.

"Attendees from a variety of positions and industries quizzed Doris for two hours. We couldn't fathom why she seemed to understand our specific jobs since she had never performed them. She listened attentively to everyone. She wasn't being nice. She sincerely wanted to help us gain more job satisfaction.

"I was so amazed when she described the types and dates of her previous work experience that I scribbled down her answers. Unless you're a fighter pilot or an astronaut, Doris has walked paths similar to yours. She has been a retail clerk, secretary, fundraiser, educator, and a customer service troubleshooter. She's been a coach, grantwriter, caseworker, volunteer, and parent. 

"She's even been downsized! She directed a nonprofit organization. She sold ads for a journal, worked for a temporary services agency, coordinated national conferences, and has been a professor at three different universities. She's been a researcher, counselor, editor, freelance writer, and executive director of two national membership associations. Whew!

"This incredibly diverse background prepared Doris to be the awesome coach, teacher and author she is today. No matter how you earn a living, Dr. Doris and her books can help YOU." 

- Robin Lane, occupational health nurse and a proud Joy on the Job seminar participant

"I read Dr. Doris' books over & over. Each time, I learn something new."
Edna Johnson, University of British Columbia

Your Bonus Gift Package (valued at $149) from Cari includes:

14 Days to Create Lasting Change in Your Life Ebook
Your life is created with or without your awareness, conscious effort or intentions. Wouldn't it be nice to create your life on purpose? You can! You can begin today! Embrace the requests of your SOUL! You have one of the most life-changing opportunities available to you right now! Through this instantly downloadable ECourse you will be re-training your mind to let go of old beliefs and perceptions that have kept you in a limiting state of fear and disharmony and distress! All of these lessons are intended to open your heart, acknowledge your spirit, embrace forgiveness of yourself and others, and remind you that UNITY and HARMONY can be felt anywhere and with anyone when compassion and love is extended freely and peace is your primary goal.

Heavenly Inspiration to Nourish and Empower Your Soul Ebook
This E-book is designed to provide you with daily inspirational images and nuggets of wisdom that hold the 
power to nourish you from the inside-out and bring greater peace, harmony, and fulfillment into your 
daily existence. Taking consistent, daily action steps that reflect the wisdom within these messages is essential 
is you truly wish to create change. It is my sincere wish that you will discover new pathways to joy 
and serenity through my divinely inspired messages.

Days Go By, Not Love is the beginning of many books to follow. It's the inception of a journey to help people understand how to change and what to do to succeed in their change. It is straightforward in speaking of the challenges and obstacles when facing one's past and to change to become who they were intended to be. Its words resonate with the spiritually minded, but can help all walks of life to change and to build a relationship with God and his angels. This book speaks through one universal language; love. So, love you every day and let the Days Go By, Not Love. Therese Benedict is a #1 Best-Selling Author & Clairvoyant with an undeniable gift, which allows an authentic and direct communication with God and his angels. Throughout every moment of her life, Therese works endlessly with the angelic realm to bring love, peace, understanding and healing of past and present actions of pain. Therese communicates with God and his angels through many divine channels including seeing, speaking, hearing and through physical and spiritual healing. Therese was presented the Congressman’s Medal of Merit by Congressmen Steven Schiff for inspiring the community 
of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having survived and healed from Melanoma Cancer, Therese 
continues on her mission of healing the world through her knowledge, love, visions, writings 
and guidance to help change the lives of millions.

Two mp3's help you immediately tame your inner critic. You also gain a proven exercise you can use to empower yourself anytime your inner critic  additional "bonus" resources to "Conquer Your Inner Critic Now!"
Sleep...without consistent deep sleep, you won't be able to enjoy your life or accomplish your goals. Let this lovely mp3, "Deep Sleep Now" and the fact-filled eBook, "Want to Sleep Better?" immediately calm and relax you. 
Dr. Doris Helge is your Joy & Success Coach!
Finally a 'how to' guide for leadership in today's economy!  The Visionary Leader is a great first step to changing your business, your life and the world around you for the better.  This book is a must read for entrepreneurs and small business executives.